Sur Ron “Race” Bash Guard, 2mm Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Black, High Air Flow – STRONG!

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Sur Ron “Race” Bash Guard, 2mm Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Black, High Air Flow – STRONG!

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Sur Ron “Race” Bash Guard,

2mm Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Black,

Increased Air Cooling

  Designed for Performance Bikes


Fabricated here in the UK

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Made here in the UK from 2mm Stainless Steel grade 304 (good enough to eat off!!)

Weight 750 Grams


These are NOT Namby Pamby Big Blouse aluminium guards!

They are designed for perfomance, to make your bike rigid, more air cooling and take a knock!

Now extended for more base protection

These guards are designed to give ultimate protection for your bike. If we make them any tougher the forces may damage the bike frame, so a small amount of inflection of guards is designed to absorb some of the impact.  Being much stiffer than the standard aluminium bash guard, the frame benefits from extra strengthening as the bash guard acts as a stress member removing, some of the unwanted flex out of the bike frame.

Completely made here in the UK, designed to last and not rust.

We had these guards built especially for our race bike and loved the design so much, we thought we would make them available to everyone. Over and above standard aluminium guards, these have extra cooling holes especially designed to keep highly tuned 72 volt race motors cool. Cool electric motors last longer!

Powder coated on all surfaces to give that more designed asthetic black look.  However, having the guards painted black on the insides also increases heat absorbtion away from the motor and unlike a standard bash guard does not reflect the heat back into the motor.  Once again helping cool the motor that little bit more.

We strongly recomend that you upgrade to our hevay duty bash guard if you have undertaken a power upgrade. This will increase air flow over the motor, make your frame stiffer and take heavier knocks. Increased air flow over the motor (cooling) will increase reliabilty (remove the padding on the  standard on the bike between motor and old bashguard).

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