Sur Ron “Recovery” charger for Bypass mod – Flat battery

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Sur Ron “Recovery” charger 5A for Bypass mod – Flat battery


Sur Ron Bypass “Recovery” charger¬† for Bypass mod Or Flat battery


To recover a Standard 60v Sur Ron battery/Bypassed battery that has been drained too far for the OEM Sur Ron charger to work.

This is a lower voltage charger that has been adapted to plug direct into the discharge port of a Sur Ron standard battery.

Please note, if your battery was drained and then left to sit empty for a long time (three weeks or more) it may still fail to charge.


How to use.

If your battery has been left in the outside cold, please bring into a warm heated place and allow to gently warm up to room temperature (this can take 24 hrs).

When back to normal to temperature, place the battery in a safe place (outside of the home always fir charging)

Turn the charger on.

Plug the “recovery” charger into the discharge port of the Sur Ron battery (the orange colour plug – see phot0) and allow to charge until voltage is above 54V or until the charger shows a red and green LED light (this can take several hours – the charger will not be damaged if left overnight and has an auto cut off – pleas charge in a safe place).

Now plug in the standard Sur Ron charger in the normal way, and allow the battery to be fully charged and balanced – we recommend a 12 hr minimum charge.



the recovery charger is not designed to fully charge the battery or to balance the battery. Its is simply bringing the voltage of the battery back up to a state where the battery can be charged in the normal way by the Sur Ron charger.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm