Sur Ron “Moto X” ASI BAC8000 Controller, Loom, 72v Battery 42Ah 70+mph


Sur Ron “Moto X Race” ASI BAC8000 Controller, Loom, 72v Battery 42Ah 75+mph

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Sur Ron “Moto X Race” ASI BAC8000 Controller, Loom, 72v Battery 42Ah 70+mph

Higher Volts, Higher Amps Higher RPM+  Higher Speed !

This is truly plug n play and expect RELIABLE speeds of around  70 – 80+ MPH (with upgraded battery)

UK Dealer  All taxes and import duties paid and UK shipping –

Now with stainless steel mounts (only we include these)

Latest and updated reliable  firmware with UK support

Two power levels set at 13500 true race mode & Paddock 4800w

Strong tough stainless steel case power coated matt black.

Please allow 3-5 working days dispatch time as we prepare your order.

Ride it like a gas engine, smooth throttle, wide open on the straight , shut down in the berm – Fxxxxxg Awesome!!

Comment from Electroncycles owner “I put this on my own bike to ride while we still developed the slightly tamer Enduro version. Now I just cant be bothered with the display version. This thing is simple, easy to use and absolute magic. If I want to ride gentle and save power, I just go easy on the throttle. I don’t need a namby pamby button to do this. My KTM didn’t have power modes, so why does this need it? MY bike is road registered, so I do need a speedo every now and then – Simple, I strap on my phone or use my bicycle (Garmin) GPS and I know the speed. The volt meter tells me how much battery I have -that’s I need and I love it”

Smooth liner power right up to the red line. (full power and then back off a bit). A very experienced MX rider described this set up as the same power as full race two stroke 205 ported, lifting the front wheel on a 12 stone rider even at 30 mph. The same rider can be seen on his first quick test rider, struggling to keep the wheel down while he sussed it out (he’s only 11 stones, so a heavier rider finds it a little easier).

The bike is fast , controllable and mental fun. With lower gearing it goes into mind blowing (be careful off the line).

We called this version the MX Race because its uncomplicated and the safest high power we can go if ridden correctly. The motor is fine to to use 13500 watts but not to be held there continuously (like a nit wit wide open down a dual carriageway). Open the throttle widen open want the straights to get more length on the bike behind you, then back off  hitting the the berm and then open it wide open again on exit – You know the drill!

If your a tarmac rider, just open it right up and the when you want and then to cruise just ease back a touch. The smooth linier power makes it a job for slow tight work, and easy to hold when just plodding along at 40mph. maximum cruising speed is 55-60 mph but still leaving acceleration This is a MX kit and not designed for long  high speed road use above sustained speeds higher than cruising speed. Although the standard gearing will get you to 75-80mph. We feel this bike should have come from China with a 52T and take some strain off the motor. If your a true racer, then 56T on the rear makes this a serious challenger.

This is truly the fastest and most usable power offering from the UK. We buy our kits in from Canada and our own battery designed to handle the huge power from the ASI BAC8000. The battery using state of the art battery management system with Bluetooth connectivity (Short Circuit Cut off, check you cell balance, turn it on and off via your phone. ), the very best and highest discharge to power capacity per mm square the: Samsung 30Q (More power dense than the Samsung 40T). The battery now cased in stainless steel for extra strength (Very easy to vinyl wrap if you like funky colours or stickers). The power  of this set up is incredible, truly wheel popping and awesome.

The ASI is hugely regarded as the best and most reliable ebike controller on the planet (Made in Canada, fully potted for water proof and high end components for reliability).  Also known to be very hard to program and shipped to customers pre-programmed with no configurable or tuning options (there is a BT app but locked unless you buy direct from ASI without our programming or loom). This  limits the amount the end buyer (you) can alter in  the settings.

We can set the controller higher on request but this is at your own liability. If you want more acceleration, we strongly suggest a 55-56 T rear sprocket for hard core off road use and 52t for the L1E On tarmac use. To put it bluntly if our 20 stone owner is happy on 52T L1e road bike weighing 20 stone, then you should be too. A very experienced 13.5 stone MX rider (customer) can lift the wheel at 40 MPH with a 56T and still hit around 55 MPH then more power is simply not necessary. If you want more power (over 15000W) we suggest you buy your kit elsewhere and then cry to them when you melt your motor. Our kit is tested!

For a real show of power, take a look at this customer set up here on Youtube (we do not endorse road riding and this set up should be used on off road in accordance with legislation:

Self Fitting:

For instruction please use the link  (an email copy can be sent on request):

We will include a instructions  to your email address. However we do strongly advise for one of our fitters to install. We do make the assumption that if your fitting this kit yourself, you know what you are doing. All kit leaves here tested and working. Think of it like this. You buy a motor from Honda, Suzuki etc and fit yourself. You would not expect Honda to talk you through the fitting. We will not give support outside of Monday – Friday normal business hours.

This is a plug and play system, but we now believe there are at least three slightly different version of the Sur Ron Lightbee motor. This can cause some minor issues. Because of this we now include 1 hour free remote support during our working hours (9 – 5.30 Mon-Friday). We strongly advise that you factor in our working hours when fitting. We will not give support outside these hours. To give remote support you will need either an media phone/note pad and good internet connection.

We do not warranty damage caused from your fitting

We give UK support!!!!

Fitting Services (highly recommended)

We now offer a fitting service in different location around the county.

Each location has different working patterns.

Generally the bike will need to be dropped of at prior arrangement and collect one working week later. but must include a full weekend in between.

Price £229 through the website of £200 direct to fitter and not included with the original controller purchase.

Current fitting locations are:

North Devon (Barnstaple)

North Wales (Holywell)



Leeds (Otley LS21)


We give UK support!!!!


Controller Feature Set

    • FOC (Field Oriented Control)
    • improved torque throughout the rev range
    • Higher RPM compared to the stock controller on 60V and especially on 72V
    • Silky smooth throttle control and responsiveness, like a fine adjustable knob on a light switch.
    • Improved efficiency due to FOC algorithm, premium internal components within the controller (like the mosfets) which increases efficiency while reducing heat losses
    • Automatic sensored to sensorless transition which gives you addition 5% top speed and better performance
    • Loom
    • Stainless steel upper mounting and 3d lower mounting


Designed to run the ASI BAC8000 and Nuclear controllers  (any 72v capable controller) up to 330 Amps burst and use on the Sur Ron Light Bee.

This will not work with the original X Controller.

These power packs are designed for ultimate power supply and are 58% bigger watts hours (3020w) compared to the std battery (1920) and able to give out almost 4 times the power (discharge -amps). We often get asked about range and being totally honest this just isn’t possible to accurately state. What is 100% true, it wil go 58% further like for like over the standard battery. So if you cruise at exactly the same speed as a standard bike, with the same tyres, same  weigh rider, same surface= a sh!t more range!  Like anything you ride like a nutter, it will drain much faster.

High Power Sur Ron Battery 20S14P 72v 3020Wh 42Ah Sony VTC6 (high power 3000 mAh  per cell).  ANT bluetooth BMS (works on IOS and Android) designed to fit inside the Sur Ron battery compartment utilizing the existing battery tray. The Cells are genuine branded cells specifically designed for high output discharge and sustained high drain. Other inferior cells used in cheaper packs simply can’t deliver like these. If you think the cost is high, these batteries have 240 cells that retail in the UK for around £6 each! not including: BMS, fabrication and shipping taxes.

The whole battery is fitted in  hand made stainless steel case designed to handle those inevitable and hopefully not painful “Offs” with hard off road rides and giving masses more protection.


20s14P Samsung 30Q
Light weight 15.4 kG
Bluetooth ANT BMS set at 300  Amps Peak Monitors: charge, discharge, low voltage over voltage and short circuit protection and over heating.
Double sandwich configuration using special custom made cell  holders (not glued).
0.2mm pure welded nickel laser cut sheet.
Ant Bluetooth BMS giving individual series condition with balanced charging and on/off function via a mobile device (we recommend always leaving on – never use SHUTDOWN).
The BMS gives a whole range of safety features including short circuit  detection and shut down, overheating and damaged series connection
An integrated handle for lowering the battery in and out.
Charging port via an XT60 connector.
The main battery to controller connectors we use are the same type as used by Sur Ron to keep everything compatible. This allows you to swap your standard battery back should you wish.
Battery is in a super tough hand built stainless steel case designed to keep your battery safe in an accident and waterproof  to IP67 (jet washing and 1m submersion). Designed to fit straight into the bike and maximize the whole battery compartment (the hatch bolts need swapping  out with longer bolts that we supply – 2 minutes and simple). No movement- no rattles!
The controller is potted and 100% waterproof. Its is however the fitters responsibility to ensure extra waterproofing is added around the loom connection to the controller. We recommend “liquid Tape”
Temperature will make very little difference on cold day, but on a very hot day, the ASI BAC4000 may have a small power reduction if ridden hard. This does not happen on the ASI BAC8000 controller
From our tests, not all Sur Ron frames are exactly the same. Sur Ron recently seem to have let their quality control down a bit. On our mark two prototype (pre releases) we suddenly found that our case did not fit in the 4th bike we tested it in , Sur Ron hand not cleaned the battery compartment frame welds. We then went back to the drawing board and re-designed the case.
The new and for sale case has flitted all 4 test bikes. Its a snug and tight fit to maximize the cell capacity and keep the battery as low as possible. It is very slightly possible that there is anther bike out there with poor welds. In this case there is a smal possibility that your bike welds will need cleaning up with a Dremmel/grinder. This is a simple job and causes no damage to the bike. I would like to make the point clear that we do not expect this to be needed  by 99% of our customers the battery should slot straight in.

Please ALSO note, these are genuine new cells and made up into complete battery specially designed by us, built at the factory or here in the UK by our dedicated battery builders. We simply can’t buy a single battery, Thanks to Paypal fees, shipping and taxes the mark-up is minimal!

Charging: First time charging is VERY important. Always connect the charger to the battery with the charger powered up from the mains. This will stop a “Connection Spark”. The battery needs a “Balance Charge” on first charge. Please charge for 12 hours first time.

Charger not included, please look under “Batteries” for options.

* UK Warranty 

* 6 Month Warranty is for manufacturing defaults and does not cover miss use or accidental damage. These units are extremely strong and robust and will not let you down unless abused. We undertake warranties here in the UK. We take the pain!

Please note, Lithium batteries are considered hazardous and due care and attention should be taken. Although these cells are in wide use, and professionally manufactured in a purpose built factory; because of the power of the battery, we strongly recommend that precautions are taken. We do not recommend charging inside the family home and charging should be supervised. We take no responsibility for misuse. These batteries are thoroughly tested (full discharge and charge cycles at the manufacturing stage and also pre-delivery). These are not DIY or amateur built devices.

Please note, charger is not supplied but can be found here:



Buyer releases Electron Cycles or any person trading on or behalf of the business known as Electron Cycles from any liabilities, therein known as Electron Cycles (expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise) that may occur from the use of products sold by Electron Cycles and purchased by Buyer. These products are being sold for “Off Road/Competition Use” only and may be used only on two wheel vehicles (bicycles, electric bicycles, two wheel electric powered vehicles) used solely for “Off Road/Competition” (off-road being defined as a private land with land owners permission and not public highway or byway). The Buyer also recognises that Lithium batteries are classed as hazardous and should not be: stored, used, charged in place, facility any area that is not fire proof or safe to do so. That batteries should not be taken into the family home, office, workplace or school place. No other applications are intended or implied. The Buyer of product sold or provided by Electron Cycles acknowledges and agrees that Seller disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages or any damages to vehicle, expensed occurred, personal property or third persons. Electron Cycles will uphold the warranty of the manufacture of the product sold for a minimum of six months from date of purchase from manufacturer defect. In the event a manufacturer’s warranty exists, it is agreed and stated that Under no circumstances shall the seller or manufacture be liable for any labour charged or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal, or reinstallation of this product, or any contingent expenses.






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