Sur Ron ASI BAC2000 with Bypass Service and recovery Recovery Charger

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Sur Ron ASI BAC2000 with Battery Bypass Service and recovery Recovery Charger

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ASI BAC2000 Controller + Display + Mounting Brackets 

Sur Ron Battery Bypass Service with Recovery Charger

Fast Turn Around, More Range and More Power .

 Higher Higher Amps, Higher RPM (FW)+ Higher Speed !

This is truly plug n play and expect RELIABLE speeds of around 55+ MPH
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Now with stainless steel black powder coated mounts (only we include these)


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The kit has been designed to be ultra safe for the motor and drive train, but giving extra power and massive range. Personally after testing, we find this set up perfect for trail/enduro riding, although nowhere near as ferocious as our 72v race orientated kit. The main purpose of this kit is to give longer range, a modest performance upgrade yet have a large financial saving over the 72v  “Enduro” kit. The battery is range is increased to artound 30% ovr a standard bike if run at the ame power!

The power take off is moderate but from 15MPH really takes off. It gives a real world realistic ridebable bike from 10MPH to 55+ MPH. This not a set up for the “wheelie” rider but a true enhancemnt over standrd with added relibilty and range. A perfect set up for for a  comuter or trail rder. Power is faultless and seemless, with much more mid range grunt than a standard  bike an increased top speed. T get thebest from the bike we suggest upgradingyour reaer sporcket to 56T for road/off road and 58-60T for pure off road.


This smaller controller can take battery swaps ranging from the standard untouched Sur Ron battery,  including a “Bypassed” Sur Ron battery.

The controller now features  a full working display showing: speed, power, battery charge, date and trip. Set with 5 power levels as default that can be flicked at the touch of a button on the fly (just your thumb, no gloves off or stopping).  Can be used like a gearbox to slip up and down the power levels to suite your terrain and riding style.

The controller comes fully potted and with all leads and looms fitted and waterproofed. The mounts are in place, stainless steel and powder coated in black.

Unleash more performance and range with correct gearing.  Higher gears (Smaller rear sprocket) does not mean higher top speed. Over labouring the motor with the wrong gearing costs top speed, acceleration and range.

A fast efficient spinning electric motor goes better – simple!

Controller Feature Set

  • FOC (Field Oriented Control)
  • Improved torque throughout the rev range
  • Higher RPM compared to the stock controller due to Field Weakening
  • Silky smooth throttle control and responsiveness, like a fine adjustable knob on a light switch
  • Improved efficiency due to FOC algorithm, premium internal components within the controller (like the mosfets) which increases efficiency while reducing heat losses
  • Loom
  • Mounting Kit
  • Install Instructions
  • Display


Sur Ron Battery Bypass and Recovery Charger

Buy this listing, Will send you shipping details. Send your battery to us and we will return it to you, fully and safely bypassed within 3 days of receiving it.

Having your battery bypassed will allow it to produce higher power and be used in mode1-2 -3 with our “Enduro” Package. It will also free up anpther 6V or range equivalent to about 46% more: HVC 67V – LVC 54V,  to a new  HVC 67v – lvc48v

The Sur Ron standard battery has battery monitoring system known as a BMS with crazy over cautious settings (we belive to allow for all the differnt temperatures in world from counties as cold as winter Alaska to summer in Dubai). The industry standard for a battery of this configuration, is 67V fully charged and 48V low voltage cut off. The  cells are designed to give much more power than the 4600 watts, the original controller is set to – its being starved!

The cells in the Sur Ron battery are design to supply 10Amps per cell continuously and with its 11P configuration is designed to give 110Amps or 6600W continuous or bursts much higher.

Not only will you now be able to have significant power increase (if you buy an aftermarket controller), you will also gain an addition 46% of battery by allowing the battery to use its full volt range. A standard Sur Ron battery has an over safe crazy low voltage cut off (LVC) of 54V. The cells used are designed to go much lower. Changing the battery to an industry recognised level of 3V per cell, The battery can go lower to 48V (16s = 16 * 3V), and increase of 6v or 46% !!!

To go lower than the standard 54v and allow re-charging, we now include our Recovery Charger, normally sold at £59 but now included in the whole package. This includes your return postage, labour, materials, and recovery charger and still 20% for the VAT man.


 Recovery Charger

To recover a Standard 60v Sur Ron battery/Bypassed battery that has been drained too far for the OEM Sur Ron charger to work (voltage below 54V).

This is a lower voltage charger that has been adapted to plug direct into the discharge port of a Sur Ron standard battery.

Please note, if your battery was drained and then left to sit empty for a long time (three weeks or more) it may still fail to charge.

How to use.

If your battery has been left in the outside cold, please bring into a warm heated place and allow to gently warm up to room temperature (this can take 24 hrs).

When back to normal to temperature, place the battery in a safe place (outside of the home always fir charging)

Turn the charger on.

Plug the “recovery” charger into the discharge port of the Sur Ron battery and allow to charge until voltage is above 54V or until the charger shows a red and green LED light (this can take several hours – the charger will not be damaged if left overnight and has an auto cut off – please charge in a safe place).

Now plug in the standard Sur Ron charger in the normal way and allow the battery to be fully charged and balanced – we recommend a 12 hr minimum charge.


the recovery charger is not designed to fully charge the battery or to balance the battery. Its is simply bringing the voltage of the battery back up to a state where the battery can be charged in the normal way by the Sur Ron charger



Fitting Services (highly recommended)

We now offer a fitting service in different location around the county.

Each location has different working patterns.

Generally the bike will need to be dropped of at prior arrangement and collected one working week later. but must include a full weekend in between.

Price £229 through the website of £200 direct to fitter and not included with the original controller purchase.

Current fitting locations are:

North Devon (Barnstaple)

North Wales (Holywell)

Dunbarton (Scotland)

Leeds (Otley LS21)

Maidstone (Kent)

Watford (Hertfordshire)

South Coast (Portsmouth)

Self Fitting:

We will provide you with a 13 page illustrated set of instructions. However we do strongly advise for one of our fitters to install the kit. We do make the assumption that if you are fitting this kit yourself, you know what you are doing. All kits leaves here tested and working. Think of it like this. You buy a motor from Honda, Suzuki etc. and fit yourself. You would not expect Honda to talk you through the fitting. We will not give support outside of Monday – Friday normal business hours.

This is a plug and play system, but we now believe there are at least three slightly different version of the Sur Ron Lightbee motor. This can cause some minor issues. Because of this we now include 1 hour free remote support during our working hours (9 – 5.30 Monday-Friday). We strongly advise that you factor in our working hours when fitting. We are unable to give support outside these hours. To give remote support you will need either an media phone/note pad and a good internet connection.

We do not warranty damage caused from your fitting / installation. Every kit is bench tested before leaving our premises.

We give UK support!!!!

* UK Warranty 

Our warranty is limited to 6 months from time of purchase. Due to the use and the nature of this device (Off-Road) and the potential excess  exposure to: water, rain, mud and the possibility to sustained high powered use/abuse, we do not warranty controllers that show signs of damage, excess heat or water penetration. The controllers are fully bench tested working with a full working motor before leaving our premises. Any damage caused by your installation is not covered by our warranty. We highly recommend the use of one of recognized fitters where installation is fully covered.

Warranties are not transferable.

Please note, Lithium batteries are considered hazardous and due care and attention should be taken. Although these cells are in wide use, and professionally manufactured in a purpose built factory; because of the power of the battery, we strongly recommend that precautions are taken. We do not recommend charging inside the family home and charging should be supervised. We take no responsibility for misuse. These batteries are thoroughly tested (full discharge and charge cycles at the manufacturing stage and also pre-delivery). These are not DIY or amateur built devices.

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.


Buyer releases Electron Cycles or any person trading on or behalf of the business known as Electron Cycles from any liabilities, therein known as Electron Cycles (expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise) that may occur from the use of products sold by Electron Cycles and purchased by Buyer. These products are being sold for “Off Road/Competition Use” only and may be used only on two wheel vehicles (bicycles, electric bicycles, two wheel electric powered vehicles) used solely for “Off Road/Competition” (off-road being defined as a private land with land owners permission and not public highway or byway). The Buyer also recognises that Lithium batteries are classed as hazardous and should not be: stored, used, charged in place, facility any area that is not fire proof or safe to do so. That batteries should not be taken into the family home, office, workplace or school place. No other applications are intended or implied. The Buyer of product sold or provided by Electron Cycles acknowledges and agrees that Seller disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages or any damages to vehicle, expensed occurred, personal property or third persons. Electron Cycles will uphold the warranty of the manufacture of the product sold for a period of six months from date of purchase from manufacturer defect. In the event a manufacturer’s warranty exists, it is agreed and stated that Under no circumstances shall the seller or manufacture be liable for any labour charged or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal, or reinstallation of this product, or any contingent expenses.


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