Moto X Race 72v Version 72V ASI BAC 8000 Controller For Sur Ron with: Loom and Voltmeter


Moto X Race 72V Version ASI BAC 8000 Controller For Sur Ron with: Loom and Voltmeter

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Moto X Race 72V Version ASI BAC 8000 Controller For Sur Ron with: Loom and Voltmeter

Higher Volts, Higher Amps Higher RPM+  Higher Speed !

This is truly plug n play and expect RELIABLE speeds of around  75- 85+ MPH (with upgraded battery)
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We wanted to bring a slightly cheaper but more robust version of the controller with no stupid gadgets and updates. This version simply bolts to the bike and uses the existing throttle. Add the handlebar ebike built volt meter, to tell you your battery state and your ready to go. Expect a shock as the 15000 watts kicks in!!!

We figure when you buy a motocross bike, you don’t sit there looking at a speedo, most don’t even have a rev counter (why do you need this on an electric bike?) You dont turn your power down just because your running out of fuel on a gas bike, you just go gentle on the throttle – same here! If you want to know your speed then stick a bicycle GPS on the handle bar and strap your smart phone to it (let your mum and  little sister call you too), but when you want to hit the rough,, with nothing to break and no updates or silly flashing colour screens, take the phone away and your ready to go!!

This set up can damage your motor if used non stop wide open throttle. Ride the bike like a gas Mot X: full open throttle on the straights, brake and the blast out of the burns. This is not designed to go on the road and pin the throttle in the red along a long road. Keeping the motor in the red isn’t going to do anybody any good. This is a balls out race set up. Every time you come of the throttle your motor, battery and controller have a chance to cool enough (the controller wil not overheat nor our 72v battery – both would just shut down if you caned them too much).

I ride my bike like this and I’m 20 stone, I still have to lean forward to stop the wheel coming up, Put the 56T on it and its wheel spinning flip city!!

Set at the same power as its slightly smaller brother the 4000, but it doesn’t choke the power back because of heat . This controller is designed for much higher power outputs than the 4000. The 8000 here finds these power setting extremely easy to handle and with much better cooling. The 8000 is able to convert more DC amps to phase amps than any other ASI controller. We make the same profit by selling either controller, but just cant see the point of the slower 4000 on this race set up, but in our opinion the sheer superiority of the 8000 makes buying the 4000 crazy except for a small saving. Weight 2.3KG

Power sets from

15000w with upgrade after market 72v battery (if your worried about reliability, we can turn this down before shipping on request. A smaller 13500 watts is often requested)


Controller Feature Set

  • FOC (Field Oriented Control)
  • improved torque throughout the rev range
  • Higher RPM compared to the stock controller on 52V and especially on 72V
  • Silky smooth throttle control and responsiveness.
  • Improved efficiency due to FOC algorithm, premium internal components within the controller (like the mosfets) which increases efficiency while reducing heat losses
  • Automatic sensored to sensorless transition which gives you addition 5% top speed and better performance
  • Usable voltage is 72V
  • Loom
  • Mounting Kit
  • Install Instructions
  • Volt meter


we recently after a long relationship broke away from a well known Californian business who supplied us these controllers. We found the latest display supplied by them was simply to difficult for most users with features that caused too many issues.

Now: no updates, no messing and no home made display cases.

Unfortunately this set up will not allow the simple swapping of battery voltages. You have to choose your battery voltage and stick with it. We will however change this voltage for you free one time only by appointment via remote session on your laptop with a Bafang programming lead. So if you buy the controller to run on a 72v battery and then for whatever reason go back to the 60V Sur Ron power battery, the motor will still work


The handlebar voltmeter will show full at 84v , half way at 72v and motor stop at 60v. So at 65v under load start nursing the throttle. Remember its the displayed voltage when your under power, is the voltage that  counts, not sitting in the paddock or down the pub

Sorry but we will not be supplying any Bluetooth codes.


* UK Warranty 


We now offer a fitting service (only if purchased from us indifferent location around the county.

Each location has different working patterns.

Generally the bike will need to be dropped of at prior arrangement and collect one working week later. but must include a full weekend in between.

Price £229 and not included with the original controller purchase.

Current fitting locations are:

Epsom, North Wales, Dumphries, Mersey, Leeds, Aylesburry

Price £229 and not included with the original controller purchase ((just click on the picture/link): .

ASI Controller Sur Ron Fitting Service (Epsom near M25 JNCT 9)

Current fitting locations are:






Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm