KO Motor (RS) BLUE UK Stock, Including Shipping and Taxes.

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KO Motor (RS) BLUE  UK Stock,

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KO Motor (RS) BLUE UK Stock,

UK Stock, No Waiting, Includes Shipping Taxes !!

MASSIVE SAVING BOUGHT AS FULL KIT !! (Controller + Motor + Battery)

International sales available via email (20% Tax removed, bank transfer and individual shipping quote)

Works with KO, OEM and ASI controllers*

Motors with you three working days from payment, includes UK taxes and shipping.

Prices are set by KO Moto (so were lowering them!)

Only Blues now available

Big power motor. No more worries about burning out your Sur Ron. Higher sustained cruising speeds and more thrashing!


People ask, what is the difference between this and the Factory motor? Well honestly not a lot (except aboput £500). The turn count on this motor seems to be littler higher that the Factory(its like electrical gearing) which mean the motor handles torque better. It doesn’t need so much crazy power to get you accelerating hard. The Factory seem to be set up for a  little more top  speed. This only really matters with KO controllers that do not seem to have very good field weakening, but with an ASI, this motor REALLY ROCKS. EBMX controllers also work very weld (we will be selling these soon). But this motor when  hooked up to an ASI BAC8000 running 16kw, 600Aph, pushes our 21 Stone CEO over 75 Mph with a 58T rear sprocket. Now imagine that top  speed with a smaller cog and lighter rider – crazy, crazy fast!!

Motor Specifications:

Internal motor features
Internal magnet motor (ipm) ko designed manufactured rotor / stator.
Stator dimensions – 160mm x 53mm.
Working voltage – 48v-100v.
Cold rolled sae 1045 steel shaft
Custom ko designed and patented rotor and heat sink design allows heatsoak dissipation on the ends of the stator.
Ko designed and patented internals pressure equalization system compatible.
Ko designed and patented cryo cold air injection system compatible.
Ko designed and manufactured cryo rotor/ stator anti corrosion coating.
Industry leading skf bearing and seals for the lowest rolling resistance and efficiency.
Japanese sourced 0.35 nippon steel stator / rotor laminated.
Industry leading 1.5mm air gap.
Industry leading 150°c / 302f sh50 neo magnets.
Hand wound 220°c high temp copper windings.
Custom waterproof designed (ip69) and manufactured hall sensor with 12 month replacement warranty against water / moisture damage.

Motor operating specification:
Power – 35kw (based on the motor rating, your battery will determine the power produced by the motor)
Max torque @60v – 52nm
Max stable rotor rpm – 12,000rpm
Max efficiency 97%


*The motor is a direct swap for the OEM STD motor and will work with the STD OEM X controller. Works with the KO Controller and ALSO controller is retuned. If fitting with ASI, we suggest that you speak to your supplier for advice on retuning.

If you bought your ASI from us, we will give a free remote session to remap your controller (ASI BAC8000 only)

Full discounted motor, controller and battery found here:

Battery Compatibility:

Big power motors need big battery output. Our existing 72 42Ah and 72V 46Ah Dominator were designed to run the standard Sur Ron motor with a BAC controller,  and can not power these motors to their full potential. We recommend 190A DC on your KO controller and 500A Phase amps.

Our Big Power Konig – Built for the KO combo (72v 42Ah 500A burst) we recommend 300A DC and 700A Phase

Take look at us unboxing one here:




Fitting Services (highly recommended)

We now offer a fitting service in different location around the county.

Each location has different working patterns.

Generally the bike will need to be dropped of at prior arrangement and collect one working week later. but must include a full weekend in between.


Current fitting locations are:

North Devon (Barnstaple)

North Wales  @ Chester (Holywell)

Maidstone (Kent)

Watford (Hertfordshire)

Manchester – (Eccles)

South Shields

Birmingham -Cannock


Self Fitting: Not too difficult and fitting help available here:

We do not warranty damage caused from your fitting. Every kit is bench tested before leaving our premises.

We do not support ASI or other third party controllers for this motor as  present.

We give UK support!!!!

Nope, the bike isn’t included.

* UK Warranty 

Our warranty is limited to 6 months from time of purchase. Due to the use and the nature of this device (Off-Road) and the potential excess  exposure to: water, rain, mud and the possibility to sustained high powered use/abuse, we do not warranty controllers that show signs of damage, excess heat or water penetration. All devices are fully bench tested working with a full working motor before leaving our premises. Any damage caused by your installation is not covered by our warranty. alteration may void warranty. This includes shortening of cables and changing connectors. We highly recommend the use of one of recognized fitters where installation is fully covered.

Warranties are not transferable.

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.

Bike not included



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Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 35 × 28 × 35 cm