Sur Ron 72v High Power Battery 3024Wh 42Ah Remote On Off 


Sur Ron 72v High Power Battery 20S14P 72v 3024Wh 42Ah Remote On Off

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Sur Ron 72v High Power Battery 20S14P 72v 3024Wh Samsung 30Q ANT Bluetooth BMS (remote on/off battery & status).

UK Warranty

Now in a Tough Protective Stainless Steel  case painted mat black !

Light weight Powerful and only 15.2 KG!

Full Protected by BT BMS


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Designed to run the ASI BAC 4000 or 8000 and Nuclear controllers  (any 72v capable controller) up to 320 Amps Peak and use on the Sur Ron Light Bee.

These are designed for bikes that are set at 13500W. They can go much higher for peaks of up to 23,000 watts.(the Sur Ron motor is manufacturer rate at 10,000 for 1 minute). The owner of Electron Cycles is a 280lb man riding his bike hard at 13500 watts, struggling to keep the front end down at 13500w using a BAC 8000.

This will not work with the original X Controller.

These power packs are designed for ultimate power supply and are 57.5% bigger watts hours (3024) compared to the std battery (1920) and able to give out almost 3 times the power (discharge -amps)

High Power Sur Ron Battery 20S14P 72v  3024Wh 42Ah Samsung 30q (high power 3000 mAh  per cell),  with ANT bluetooth BMS (works on IOS and Android) designed to fit inside the Sur Ron battery compartment utilizing the existing battery tray. The Cells are genuine branded cells specifically designed for high output discharge and sustained high drain. Other inferior cells used in cheaper packs simply can’t deliver like these. If you think the cost is high, these batteries have 280 cells that retail in the UK for around £4 each! not including: BMS, fabrication and shipping taxes.

The whole battery is fitted in  hand made stainless steel case designed to handle those inevitable and hopefully not painful “Offs” with hard off road rides and giving masses more protection.


20s14P Samsung 30q
Bluetooth ANT BMS set at 400  Amps Peak full battery protection including over discharge (shorts) over heating etc
Double sandwich configuration using 0.2mm pure welded nickle sheet.
Ant Bluetooth BMS giving individual series condition with balanced charging and on/off function via a mobile device (we recommend always leaving on – never use SHUTDOWN)
An integrated handle for lowering the battery in and out.
Charging port via an XT60 connector.
The main battery to controller connectors we use are the same type as used by Sur Ron to keep everything compatible. This allows you to swap your standard battery back should you wish.
Battery is in a super tough hand built stainless steel case designed to keep your battery safe in an accident and waterproof  to IP67 (jet washing and 1m submersion). Designed to fit straight into the bike and maximize the whole battery compartment (the hatch bolts need swapping  out with longer bolts that we supply – 2 minutes and simple). No movement- no rattles!
From our tests, not all Sur Ron frames are exactly the same. Sur Ron recently seem to have let their quality control down a bit. On our mark two prototype (pre releases) we suddenly found that our case did not fit in the 4th bike we tested it in , Sur Ron hand not cleaned the battery compartment frame welds. We then went back to the drawing board and re-deisnged the case.
The new and for sale case has flitted all 4 test bikes. Its a snug and tight fit to maximize the cell capacity and keep the battery as low as possible. It is very slightly possible that there is anther bike out there with poor welds. In this case there is a very  small possibility that your bike welds will need cleaning up with a dremmel/grinder, although with this latest design we have not found this in over 50 installs. This is a simple job and causes no damage to the bike. I would like to make the point clear that we do not expect this to be needed  by 99.9% of our customers the battery should slot straight in.

Please ALSO note, these are genuine new cells and made up into complete battery specially designed by us, built at our oversees  factory or here in the UK by our dedicated battery builders. We simply can’t buy a single battery, Thanks to Paypal fees, shipping and taxes the markup is minimal!

When connecting the battery to the bike, we recommend using the phone app and placing the battery to DisMos Off to stop any connection sparks and the turn back on with the app. This can also be utilized to help prevent ride away theft.

Charging: First time charging is VERY important. Always connect the charger to the battery with the charger powered up from the mains. This will stop a “Connection Spark”. The battery needs a “Balance Charge” on first charge. Please charge for 12 hours first time.

* 6 Month Warranty is for manufacturing defaults and does not cover miss use or accidental damage. These units are extremely strong and robust and will not let you down unless abused. We undertake warranties here in the UK. We take the pain!

Please note, Lithium batteries are considered hazardous and due care and attention should be taken. Although these cells are in wide use, and professionally manufactured in a purpose built factory; because of the power of the battery, we strongly recommend that precautions are taken. We do not recommend charging inside the family home and charging should be supervised. We take no responsibility for misuse. These batteries are thoroughly tested (full discharge and charge cycles at the manufacturing stage and also pre-delivery). These are not DIY or amateur built devices.

Please note, charger is not supplied but can be found here:+

We have been asked about having the case painted. Stainless is quite a hard material for paint to key on to and would put the price (to You) even further. For less than £10 and more time (yours) it is very easy to “Vinyl Wrap” these. Easily found and purchased on places like Ebay or Amazon – hope this helps


Please note, due to mark price fluctuations , we have change to the Samsung 30Q cell as the performance curve is very close to to  the VTC6., But the vtc6 has almost doubled in price in the last 30 days and we do not want to add this cost to your battery.





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