Heavy Duty 72v 175A 32Ah 20s8P Bluetooth Samsung 40T 21700 Burst 240A Burst, 5A charger

£1,499.00 £1,399.00

Heavy Duty 72v 175A 32Ah 20s8P Bluetooth Samsung 40T 21700 Burst 240A Burst, 5A charger



Heavy Duty 72v 175A 32Ah 20s8P Bluetooth Samsung 40T 21700 Burst 240A Burst, 5A charger

UK made by us to order.

No welds, No Glue, Tough reliable and used by us!!

Made to order (allow up to 2 weeks)

For information and Internationale orders : [email protected]

So we build and ride bikes, some of them big bikes with our beloved qs205 motors (all around 15,000 DC watts or 30,00 watts phase)  .

We love speed and power and quite frankly got sick of buying batteries where we left waiting for weeks and weeks for our battery builders to make us a battery ( a good battery builder is like rocking horse sh1te and they know it!). We would never trust a China battery builder to supply us anything of this power. So we found an alternative, tried it, tested it, kept testing and it and absolutely loved every battery when built from it. TRUSTED POWER

The benefits over a welded or spacer batteries are endless. The cells don’t get heated up and damaged from welding. They are easy to repair. No weak glue welds. No brittle or weak welds or tabs. Tough exterior case not susceptible to abrasion shorts and best of all we know what were getting and who we are  supplied from.

Our cases are supplied within the EU. Our cells from a UK registered supplier who deals direct with Samsung SDI and our BMS via another UK suppler. All trusted and well know persons to us.

So when you buy from us, you know your getting the real deal, You know we will give an unheard of 12 month warranty for a battery and you know that everything is real and will keep working.

Your spending a lot of money, its not cheap, its not crap and your investment is worth every penny.

If you want a cheap battery, quite frankly go somewhere else and hope your bike doesn’t burn down. We wont cut corners and we wont discount. These are awesome batteries.

We use the slightly bigger and higher power 21700 cell and not the 18650. The less cells, the connections the less chance of fail.


20s8p 72V Nominal

LVC 60v HVC 84V

Samsung SDI 40T 21700 (160 cels)

Cells encased in 8p high density polymer cases.

Bluetooth BMS 300 A capable set at 240 A burst. 175A Continuous.

Connectors: choice of twin xt 90 discharge cables or single Anderson PP175S

UK Plug aluminium 5A charger

Case held together with heavy duty zip ties and encased in heavy duty black shrink tubing (not the weak plastic blue stuff)

Battery can be supplied in the following dimensions, please email  which.

Dimensions (+/- 5mm)

all units in mm

320L x 135W  x 215H      (Top BMS)

410L x 110W x 215H    (Top BMS)

390L x 85W x 290H 290 (BMS on 290 side)

Polygone: 345L x 110W (at ends 210H centre:275H.  Top BMS)

Samsung 40T 21700

Brand: Samsung 40T
Model: 40T
Size: 21700
Chemistry: IMR
Nominal Capacity: 4000mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Discharge: 30A Max Continuous
Positive: Flat
Rechargeable: Yes
Dimensions: 21.1mm x 70.4mm