Electron Typhoon 60-70 MPH QS205 ASI Controller Customers chooses spec

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Electron Typhoon

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Electron Typhoon – AWESOME!

Power ranging up to 21,000 peak watts

Price is approximate and depending on specification. circa £6499


For “Off Road Use” only

For serious enquirers we invite a telephone conversation. Thee are not budget bikes and we are not intersected in cutting corners.

These are a special order bikes and can take up to 2  months to build.

There is a choice of controller and  front suppression and disc brake type.

Our bike based on the respected  Typhoon frame, yet honed with some of the very best components available to deliver to one of the best looking and agile fast trail bikes on the market. Blistering acceleration and top speeds in the region of 60 – 70 MPH. Pleae note, being a ub motor we do not warranty for jumping related breakages.

Depending on choice, power ranges from 8,000 – 14,500 watts battery and 18,000 – 20,000 watts peak.

The heart of every bike is the battery. We only fit for this machine the very best (and possibles the most expensive) supper well built and ultra reliable 72Volt ((84V peak) now based either on HG2 cells 30Ah bluetooth (for 150A battery) or a custom Samsung 40T 200A 32Ah. Battery can be increased at additional  cost.

Motors: direct drive qs205 hub rims 18″ (24″) are motorcycle and designed to take  the Shinko 3″ tyre (these are high grip, low wear, high puncture proof off road compatible tyres. works great on all surfaces):

QS Motors 205 T5 winding; Robust, powerful and heaps of torque matched ASI BAC 2000/4000


RockShox Boxxer (Sram) forks RC  with upgraded spring (choice of 26″ or 27.5″) with both compression and rebound damping adjustment. W prefere the coil version with uprated heavy dudty black spring. The air version can be installed but with an upgrade cost.

Front Wheel and Tyres (are tubeless ready)

Halo Vapour thru axel (MAXIL 20mm) 50mm 27.5 wheels with Maxxis Minion 2.8 plus tyres (better roll over abilty) (recommended with Rockshox triple crown forks and Magura brakes – better for slower tope end speed but more agile for technical riding))

MC 19″ 50mm 2.75″ Shinko (recommend with DNM dual disc brakes – these are better for fast tarmac and Forrest trail type tracks.)

Rear Shock

DNM Burner After burner 2

Handlebars, seat stem, 3k Carbon weave. Seat Charge spoon (you can choose your own preference, simply adjust to cost). Chain Sram X19E.  Shimano Alfine Tensioner.

Maguira MT5E 4 pot caliper front and rear ebrakes with 203 mm discs and regenerative braking (puts power back in battery and saves disc wear on rear) We specially configure braking for off road, more details on request.

or Twin Tekrto Auriga on 203mm discs.


Standard frame comes in pre painted black at no extra cost.

We can supply in any color of choice but please add £250 (our next choice would be ford RS Orange with matching  “Rip design (Monster type) side panels.

The side panels are toughed 3 dimensional tough ABS plastic. For extreme tough riding, you may want to keep the panels in their ultimate tough anti scratch resilient as supplied in the original molded black.  However, if your not the type of rider who throws himself at the first rut in the track,  at no extra cost to you, will have these decorated to a range of designs and colors. We have patterns to view. These prints are  prepared with a flattening/filler coat and then a base coat. The variables of the base coat make the prints that overlaid on the top, take different perspectives. Take a look at some of the designs in the photos. The main bike photo shows our 3K gloss weave design and the green “Monster Effect”. Other designs are available on request at no extra cost. Please note that like all prepared and decorated surfaces, scratch resilience is reduced. Damaged side panels can be replaced at a cost.

Built to order and as shown in photo £6499 (price may very on specification)


Buyer releases Electron Cycles or any person trading on or behalf of the business known as Electron Cycles from any liabilities, therein known as Electron Cycles (expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise) that may occur from the use of products sold by Electron Cycles and purchased by Buyer. These products are being sold for “Off Road/Competition Use” only and may be used only on two wheel vehicles (bicycles, electric bicycles, two wheel electric powered vehicles) used solely for “Off Road/Competition” (off-road being defined as a private land with land owners permission and not public highway or byway). The Buyer also recognises that Lithium batteries are classed as hazardous and should not be: stored, used, charged in place, facility any area that is not fire proof or safe to do so. That batteries should not be taken into the family home, office, workplace or school place. No other applications are intended or implied. The Buyer of product sold or provided by Electron Cycles acknowledges and agrees that Seller disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages or any damages to vehicle, expensed occurred, personal property or third persons. Electron Cycles will uphold the warranty of the manufacture of the product sold for a period of six months from date of purchase from manufacturer defect. In the event a manufacturer’s warranty exists, it is agreed and stated that Under no circumstances shall the seller or manufacture be liable for any labour charged or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal, or reinstallation of this product, or any contingent expenses.



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