Electron Bulldozer Plus 37-40 MPH Fat Bike 7200 peak watts 60V 20Ah 5 Speed PAS – Throttle


Electron Bulldozer Plus Electric Fat Bike 35 -40 MPH 7200 peak watts 60V 20Ah  5 Speed PAS/Throttle, Snow, Mud, Fast Track

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The Electron Bulldozer Plus
Basically the same bike as the Buldozer, but a little more refined and a little more money spent. We pass the this no profit upgrade onto you and give you the choice.
Forks are changed to Air  forks – with adjustable damping.
The superb and best in class Maxxis Minion FBF and FBR tyres (more puncture protection, more traction, more high speed stability and looking so mean it scares a pit bull).
7200 watts peak phase watts and 37 – 40 MPH but designed for torque and acceleration (out drags a 50 cc moped).
This bike rides straight up to 35 mph and wants to keep going with my heavy 280 lbs (but I don’t!). Has 5 PASS (Pedal Assist Settings)/ Power settings (road legal sub 250 W in level 1) and right hand grip throttle.
The motor is our Electron 5000w QS205 cloned hub. We have used the same model on other bikes up to 14,000 watts and de-tuned this bike to 4000 Watts to make this super reliable, loads of torque and keep the cost down (smaller battery). The motor controlled by with the latest Sabvoton 72060 with tft screen and watertight connectors.
Battery is a 60v (16s7p – 67 V max) 20Ah LG m26 18650 cells in a watertight hard case triangle battery; made from tough ABS Plastic (tough enough to stand on) with easy removal Velcro fasteners.
Massive Maxxis Minion 26” x 4” tyres
7 Shimano speeds (remember powerful ebikes need strength and not lots of gears) piloted via a carbon fiber 3k gloss 720 mm handlebar.
Shimano front and rear hydraulic disc brakes (the rear with re-genitive braking) with electrical cut offs.
This bike is designed for churning through snow, mud and carving through fast rutted sandy  trail. Apparently it even out drags mopeds from the lights!  (but we of course haven’t done this :). We sacrificed a little top end for more acceleration and the grunt to go up anything. If you’ve  ridden a normal mid drive like BBSO2 or BBSHD, then double the acceleration. If you’ve ridden a “Halfords Pedelec” then imagine someone sticking a rocket under your bum and setting you on target for the moon. This thing flies!
The bike is not to be chucked through a downhill competition course or jumps.
The bike is truly awesome and keeping the “Cycle Look”an yet moped performance, Mud Plugger and Dune Buggy ability  – a brilliant deal. 
We dont make anymore out of the “Plus”, we just refined it a little  further without breaking your budget and simply added the cost. We can keep going but the cost goes up.
The Bulldoze gets you on the track and in a big reliable and very competent way. Its a great starting block with strong core components (superb motor, controller, frame and battery, forks) that can be easily upgraded  in the future depending your budget (for example and not included: Magura MT5E brakes, DNM Triple crown forks, Rockshox Bluto forks.) . The bike can be changed to your specifications if that what you want – just ask!
Price: £2199  (does not include UK shipping up to £90 UK Only = free collection from Epsom)
Off road use only.

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 157 × 30 × 82 cm