Electron 911 TIGER 65 -90 MPH

Electron 911 Fusion and 911 Fusion SP QS DD Hub motors 14K-17K watts with Sabvoton svmc 72150 controllers, Rockrshox Boxxer Forks, Maguira brakes and 55-65MPH



Electron 911 TIGER 65 -90 MPH

These are the ultimate in hand built customer electric bikes with pedals for off road use.

Two models: “standard” qs 205 65+mph and the SP version qs273 top speed 90 MPH (peak 61,000 watts)

Planned color scheme (can be altered on request pre build – photos are off similar bike) Stainless steel trellis frame, Vivid Orange swing arm, and battery box, side covers dipped in black/orange “Tiger” stripes. black wheel rims.

Option two: Stainless steel trellis frame, matt black swing arm and battery box, with side covers dipped white skulls on black background, black rims.

We will build these to order – time approximately 2 months Price to be decided but circa £7000 – £8000

This pure custom built frame, handmade in Bali and fitted by us is a true custom beautiful build.

Designed to run fast trail and tarmac, a bike for connoisseur and not the average Jump merchant (but we do love jumping on the right kit). These bikes will be built to the highest of quality, but being custom built will need a little TLC. You wouldn’t enter a Ferrari into the RAC rally, so don’t enter this into your local Downhill Course!

If you’re looking for ebike exotica, this is it. The frame alone costs 3-4 times the amount of a mass produced frame. Every part hand cut, machined or welded. Fabricated by highly skilled metal smiths, in a small workshop. No production lines or robots and templates; Just human artisans.

The frame being trellis, inspiration gained from the Ducati 911, we added the “fusion” as it’s our parts and labor that makes this bike into the end result. The photo shows a pre-built bike by the frame builders, but we intend to go that little bit further with the very best in ebike technology for this type of fast trail bike.

Look at the specifications below. We’re still not sure about the configuration for the UK built battery. Quite simply we will cram as many high quality Samsung 30Q cells, that we can get into it. Our aim is to at least use 21S16P but if we can get more in, we will!

We are initially building three bikes but two variants. The: 911 Fusion and the 911 Fusion SP. The only difference with “SP” will have the colossal powered QS273 motors at around 17,000 watts instead of the 14,000 of the standard fusion (can it even be called standard???)


Hand Built Trellis frame in stainless steel.

QS205 3.5T with Ferro fluid set at 25,000 watts peak, mated to a moto 17″ rim to fit 3″ Shinko Tyres

* The “SP” version to be QS 273 at 45000 watts peak mated to a 18″ rim to fit 3.5 Shinko Tyres

ASI BAC 4000 FOC Controller with 750c Display.

* the “SP version ASI BAC 8000 with 750 c display

Battery to be decided: 72V  and quoted depending on specifications. We are in discussion with our battery builder and most likely using the Samsung 40T 21700 cell in either:

Standard QS 205: 20s7p   28Ah 250A BMS

SP QS273 2 x 20s6P 48Ah 2 x 250 BMS capable of 500 Amps battery and 750A Phase


Front End -Forks – wheels tyres (choice):

Front Wheel and Tyres (are tubeless ready)

Rockshox Boxxer 27.5 coil forks with single front MT5E disc brake on 27.5

Halo Vapour thru axel (MAXIL 20mm) 50mm 27.5 wheels with Maxxis Minion 2.8 plus tyres (better roll over abilty). 

Single 19″ 50 mm Motorcycle rim single disc (203MM) with shinko 2.75″ Tyre

DNM USD 8S Twin 203mm Tektro Auriga Brake (this is standardd on SP bike – (more stopping power)

Twin Disc  19″ 50 mm Motorcycle rim single disc (203MM) with shinko 2.75″ Tyre



30w LED 7″ LED Light

Carbon 3k gloss weave: seat post and bars

Charge Spoon saddle




Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 157 × 30 × 82 cm