Downtube Electric Bike Battery Repair 36V – 48V-52V


Downtube Electric Bike Battery Repair 36V – 48V-52V



Downtube Electric Bike Battery Repair 36V – 48V-52V


Repairs come in all shapes and sizes with different issues.

We cant or wont undertake all repairs, as often they are simply too  impractical or just too dangerous (cell replacement from a glued or potted battery battery).

However most battery repairs are either BMS fails or broken casing.

A BMS and down tube case are almost the same cost to replace in parts, so for that reason, we have stated a price on this listing including labour and return post (to mainland UK).

The BMS we fit changes depending on market availability but will be suitable for the cell layout in your case. As a general-ism this is to work 30 Amps continuous for a 5P cell configuration.

We stock most BMS, but some we will need to buy, this may cause a slight delay. Most repair are complete withing 10 working days.

We do not “patch up cases” to replace keys, broken charge ports etc. If its broken or missing parts, we simply swap it out for new including the cradle. However not all cases are easily available, so please understand that we may need to know what you have before you send it and even then we may need to order in and if it comes from China, may take a few weeks. Most cases we stock..

Some batteries have loose welded strips, we will happily replace these.

Batteries are often glued together or held together with “Cell holders”. We will not attempt a cell replacement for a glued battery. We will after inspection consider a cell replacement if cell holders were used.

If we cannot repair a battery, we will send it back to you with a £35 inspection and postage fee deducted, refunding you the balance paid.

We do not undertake, USB ports or LED charge status repairs.

The fee includes all work, but should a case and a BMS need replacing in the one repair, an additional £35 fee will be charged via invoice. Any additional fees;  you will be notified for authorization before we commence the full repair. We will never replace a case because of cosmetic damage unless requested. If your case falls apart while opening for inspection, which is common (Cases often after being on a bike for months, they have hairline cranks that cause the the casing to completely fail). We will replace but notify you first.

On receipt of your purchase we will send you a UK delivery address for repair.

All repairs are undertaken here in the UK