CYC X1 Stealth Motor 2800W ASI BAC855 Controller, Torque Sensing BB 68-83mm Molicell 21700 12.6Ah 80A + Charger

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CYC X1 Stealth Motor 1800W ASI BAC855 Controller, Torque Sensing BB 68-83mm Molicell 21700 12.6Ah 50A + Charger

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CYC X1 Stealth Motor 2800W ASI BAC855Controller, Torque Sensing BB 68-83mm Molicell 21700 12.6Ah 80A + Charger

Now with semi “STEET LEGAL” mode  set at 250w PAS and No Throttle and

“Race” mode with PAS @ 1500W, Throttle @ 2800W

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X1 STEALTH (BB 68-83mm version, please check you bottom bracket type is compatible)

The X1 Stealth is the all new lightweight mid drive conversion system. With up to 1800W of power output, a small form factor, and a more silent performance, this is the ideal system for ebike & emtb riders wanting a stealthy setup.

The X1 Stealth is complete with

– integrated torque sensor

– fully customizable mobile app

– various bottom bracket fitments

– 2 rider modes, with up to 9 assist gears

STOCK ITEM Torques sensing, 11/63 chain version with 38T chainwheel.


X1 STEALTH 36-72V 2800W mid drive conversion kit

Display: 750c display
Bottom bracket width: BB 68-83mm version
Chainring options: 11/63T
Crank Arm Length: 170mm
Throttle options: Thumb throttle

BAC855 controller setting: 52V

More details can be found here:

User manual can be found here:

Please note, we give a full warranty on this. The motor is in its latest version, now more reliable than ever and modified to improve the end result of the earlier versions. CYC in Hong Kong are giving an excellent warranty but sometimes there is a wait until a part is redesigned or goes to fabrication. Parts are normally shipped to us within 10 working days

Take a look here:

Help and instructions:

**** Due to the nature of this device (Off-Road) and exposure to water, rain, mud and the possibility to sustained high powered use/abuse, our warranty is limited to 12 months from time of purchase.

Warranty parts may take two weeks to replace as they are fast shipped to us from Hong Kong and are not covered for poor installation or misuse (crashes etc). We will remove new  parts from motors in stock if necessary to speed up your replacement.

Items are liable to change without notice

Helpfull videos:

X1 Stealth Install video:

BB92 Press fit video:


52v 12.6Ah Large Cased (for 21700 cells), High Power 80A/2800W Down Tube Battery + 4A Charger

This has been specially designed  to get the best balance of performance and range in a down tube battery yet monstrous  80A – discharge

Maximum watt draw 4000 watts although designed for 3000 motors

This 52v 12.6Ah (fully charged 58v) has significantly more power than any other battery 52v battery and with 80A on tap, massively increase acceleration. With 655Wh riding in the lower PAS range will still give massive range.

We wanted to provide a battery that allows balance for a bike and give as many amps possible for our incredible ASI BAC855 controller and the CYC X1 Stealth motor. Now breaking the boundaries with a new 21700 specific  case, we opted for 14S3P  configuration with these massively  powerful and  larger 21700 cells capable of 30A each, the very expensive and hugely reliable  best on market Molicell P42A, and allowing the extra space to use a large 80 A heavy duty BMS.

This is the very best of battery technology with 4A UK charger. 80 Amp Nominal BMS welded to pure nickle 0.2mm sheet. This is the highest UK output available down tube type battery on the market, designed to fit on down tube utilizing water bottle bolts. These are specifically designed for high output discharge and sustained high drain. Other inferior cells used in cheaper packs simply can’t deliver like these. If you think the cost is high, these batteries have 42 cells that retail in the UK for around £8 each! not including: BMS, casing, charger, shipping taxes AND FABRICATION.

This in reality a small battery for such high power. Motors like the CYC X1 Stealth can  kill almost anything if ridden incorrectly. Just like a car or motorbike, full power continuously will speed up  breaking things. When riding your bike, allow the motor to spin when in high power mode. Use your low gear (big teeth count on the rear) this will take the load off the motor. This will also give you better range and stop everything from over heating. This battery is designed to handle 80A and higher bursts, but doing so increases the chance of failure, we recommend them be used no more than 65A continuously. When you want to ride very fast on throttle, set you gear to allow gear and middle to top of cassette to save your chain and let the motor spin. When you want to PAS (pedal), drop the power and use the whole cassette. Your bike wasn’t designed to do both at the same power setting. Riding with electrical sympathy, better for your: battery, for your bike and better for your electrical components.

Because this is such a powerful battery and way beyond the realms of normal, we have had to make some modification. The power cables exit through the rear of the battery and not through the cradle. No cradle in the world can handle this amount of power. The cradle is still used to mount the battery and locks as normal.

Charging: First time charging is VERY important. Always connect the charger to the battery with the charger powered up from the mains. This will stop a “Connection Spark”. The battery needs a “Balance Charge” on first charge. Please charge as above. The charger will display two red lights (charging) after a long period of time (between 1 and 8 hrs – depending on state) the LED charger lights will display red and green. This indicates an initial charge is complete. However, as this is a new battery, not all cells within the battery are balanced (same state of charge as some were higher/lower than others to start with). This is because cells can arrive at the factory in different batches and may have slightly different charges due to time in storage). This is very common and normal. Now please leave the charger connected to the batteries for a further 12 hrs. This allows the internal balancing system (BMS) to balance out all the internal cells. The charge may turn on and off over this period of time. This “Balance charge does not need to be done every time and is recommended every 20+ charges. Leaving the charger plugged in working does not damage the batteries. The charger is designed to stop charging at a preset level and turn on again when this level drops.

* 6 Month Warranty is for manufacturing defaults and does not cover miss use or accidental damage. These units are extremely strong and robust and will not let you down unless abused. We undertake warranties here in the UK. We take the pain!

Please note, Lithium batteries are considered hazardous and due care and attention should be taken. Although these cells are in wide use, and professionally manufactured in a purpose built factory; because of the power of the battery, we strongly recommend that precautions are taken. We do not recommend charging inside the family home and charging should be supervised. We take no responsibility for misuse. These batteries are thoroughly tested (full discharge and charge cycles at the manufacturing stage and also pre-delivery). These are not DIY or amateur built devices.



We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.


Buyer releases Electron Cycles or any person trading on or behalf of the business known as Electron Cycles from any liabilities, therein known as Electron Cycles (expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise) that may occur from the use of products sold by Electron Cycles and purchased by Buyer. These products are being sold for “Off Road/Competition Use” only and may be used only on two wheel vehicles (bicycles, electric bicycles, two wheel electric powered vehicles) used solely for “Off Road/Competition” (off-road being defined as a private land with land owners permission and not public highway or byway). The Buyer also recognises that Lithium batteries are classed as hazardous and should not be: stored, used, charged in place, facility any area that is not fire proof or safe to do so. That batteries should not be taken into the family home, office, workplace or school place. No other applications are intended or implied. The Buyer of product sold or provided by Electron Cycles acknowledges and agrees that Seller disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages or any damages to vehicle, expensed occurred, personal property or third persons. Electron Cycles will uphold the warranty of the manufacture of the product sold for a minimum of six months from date of purchase from manufacturer defect. In the event a manufacturer’s warranty exists, it is agreed and stated that Under no circumstances shall the seller or manufacture be liable for any labour charged or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal, or reinstallation of this product, or any contingent expenses.







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