CYC X1 Pro Gen 2 Motor, 72v ASI BAC855Controller, Torque Sensing

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CYC X1 Pro Gen 2 Motor, 72v ASI BSAC855Controller, Torque Sensing

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CYC X1 Pro Gen 2, Mid drive Motor ASI BAC855,  72V Torque Sensing

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This is the 72V version !!!

2021 version with brass gears

New stock arriving expected 9Th July 2012

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CYC X1 Pro Gen 2, Mid drive Motor 72V Torque Sensing

This is the very latest edition with Torque Sensing, where the amount of pressure on the pedal dictates the amount of power to be used by the motor. Give your legs the power of an android! The system directly feels how much effort you put through the pedals and adjusts the power accordingly, to give you that bionic man but natural feel like you you are a part of the bike and not just spinning the pedals.

When comparing prices, remember shipping costs, tax  if you’re in the UK, cost is included free delivery with TNT or UPS and delivery within 3 working days.

Motors like the CYC X1 Pro can  kill almost anything battery wise, if ridden incorrectly, but if ridden correctly, will give very reliable use. Just like a car or motorbike, full power continuously will speed up breaking things. When riding your bike, allow the motor to spin when in high power mode. Use your low gear (big teeth count on the rear) this will take the load off the motor. This will also give you better range and stop everything from over heating. A battery designed to handle 65 A and higher bursts, can still be damaged by ridding at long intervals of full power and  doing so increases the chance of failure. When you want to ride very fast on throttle, set you gear to allow the motor to spin in the  middle to top of cassette, to save your chain and the reduce the load to the motor. When you want to PAS (pedal), drop the power and use the whole cassette. Your bike wasn’t designed to do both at the same power setting. Riding with electrical sympathy, is better for you, better for your bike and better of your electrical components.

The display now features a sport and race modes

For more questions and information, please go here:

STOCK ITEM Torques sensing, 11/63 chain version with 38T chainwheel.


  1. Motor-reduction assembly 11/63
  2. Square taper Torque Sensing Bottom bracket and freewheel crank set no issis available
  3. Water proof wires
  4. Spacer for 68mm/73mm/83mm bottom bracket (For 68/73/83mm version)
  5. Torque Sensing  PAS sensor (integrated with bottom bracket)
  6. Fully Water proof
  7. 750c Screen
  8. ASI BAC855 set to 72v
  9. Half Twist Throttle
  10. Speed sensor
  11. 38T bicycle Steel (extra strong)  narrow wide chain wheel
  12. Aluminum controller guard
  13. Brass Gears

More details can be found here:

When fitting we recommend buying the Parktool BBT-22 . The BB on this motor is wider than standard


* UK Warranty 6 months 

Please note, we give a full warranty on this. The motor is `in it latest version, now more reliable than ever and modified to improve the end result of the earlier versions. CYC in Hong Kong are giving an excellent warranty but sometime there is a wait until a part is redesigned or goes to fabrication. Parts are normally shipped to us with 10 working days

Take a look here:

219H Chain version:

To fit BBS 68/73/83 mm kit (comes with adapters)


  • Special Orders:(please email for deliverer estimates)

    Torque sensing Versions:

    100mm BSA Threaded (special order please email)
    BB92 Press-fit BB (special order please email)

     Cadence Sensor Versions
    68-83mm BSA Threaded BB (special order please email)
    Up to 120mm BSA Threaded (special order please email)

Help and instructions:

**** Due to the nature of this device (Off-Road) and exposure to water, rain, mud and the possibility to sustained high powered use/abuse. Our warranty is limited to 12 months from time of purchase.

Warranty parts may take you to two weeks to replace as we fast ship to us from Hong Kong and are not covered  for poor is installation buy you or misuse (crashes etc). We will remove new  parts from motor in stock if necessary to speed up your replacement.

Items are liable to change without notice

** This can be re-programmed by us to 52v  (one time only free). Either controller is sent back to us (recommend) or by appointment we can do this remotely but you will need a windows pc and USB programming lead and good internet speeds

We now offer a fitting service

Different location around the county.

Each location has different working patterns.

Generally the bike will need to be dropped of at prior arrangement and collect one working week later. but must include a full weekend in between.

Price £229 and not included with the original controller purchase.

Current fitting locations are:

Braunton Devon (Electroncycles)

North Wales (Baglit – Missle Ebikes),

Liverpool (Hyton – PowerEbikes)


We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.


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