Bafang BBSO1, BBS02, 8Fun BBSHD, Install Tool, Stainless Steel

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Bafang BBSO1, BBS02, 8Fun, BBSHD, Install Tool

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Bafang BBSO1, BBS02 ,8Fun BBSHD, Install Tool, Stainless Steel (We think)

Made from Stainless steel and as cheap as chips.

It will do the job and highly recommended over a non designed tool.

Lets face it, you going to maybe install this motor just a couple of times and this will definitely do that!

(it doesn’t bend any where near as easy the one we bought from a “moon” company in LA

If your a professional installer, then get the £70 + tool we use!

Not trying to make much money from this: Purchase, Shipping taxes and more delivery  post, make this pointless as profit item; but we feel we want to make the install that little bit easier by having this easily available.

To be blunt, we dont care if you buy it, but you’d be crazy not to!

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Dimensions 16 × 10 × 8 cm