Bafang BBSHD Controller Re-flash for: 07, and 10 errors and no communication

£39.99 (price including VAT)

Bafang BBSHD Controller Re-flash for 52v (up to 60V) Service



Bafang BBSHD reflash for errors

Will correct following errors:

07 when using 52v battery above 57v

10 over heating,
30h communication error after trying to program controller “Bricked Controller”.

Works with 14s battery (HVC 60v max)

if your controller  when using a 52V battery (14S) and is showing error code H07 or sometimes H10 it probably needs a re-flash to run on the higher voltage.

We will undertake the re flash and send back to you.

If the error code is caused by something else, this may not cure it.

If the re-flash  is unsuccessful we will refund the money except return postage.


turn around within 3 working days of receipt of controller (work undertaken here in UK


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