Bafang BBSHD 1600 Watts (Peak) + 52V 15Ah Samsung 30Q 40A BMS Battery

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Bafang BBSHD 1600 Watts (peak) colour 850c screen + Gear Sensor + Brake cut offs + 52V 15Ah (14S5P) Samsung 30q Battery 3A Charger

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Bafang BBSHD 1600 Watts + 52V 15Ah Samsung 30Q 40A BMS Battery

Now with Colour 850c Display and Gear Sensor!!

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BBSHD Mid Drive kit is light but strong and unprecedented levels of engineering (Rated 1000W – 1600W dependent on setting and  have a proven to work reliably at 2800Watts) and Max Torque 160 NM) More efficient than HUB motors giving greater distance and response. This mid drive provides powerful ebike performance meanwhile keeps the original pedaling in comfort. With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor is compatible with standard bikes.  9 power levels available with “on the fly” switching.

These motors are regarded as the very best in the EBike world. Extremely quiet and robust. Fully waterproof and internally lubricated within sealed casings. There have been recorded distances of 25000 miles and still going!

This motor is designed to fit bikes with a Bottom Bracket between 68 mm to 73 mm

Please note that 1600 watts is only achievable with a 52v Battery.

Motor weight: 5.8kg.

An independent review:

The kit comprises of:

BBSHD mid drive system : BB:68-73MM

1.BBSHD + Mid-Drive Motor: 1 pc

850c  Colour LCD Display + Operation Button: 1 pc (with power meter)
Brake Levers: 2 pcs
Thumb Throttle: 1 pc
Waterproof Quick Release Wires: 1 pc
Speed Detecting Sensor + Magnet: 1 pc
46T Chain wheel: 1 pc
Left Crank + Right Crank: each 1 pc
Fixing Plate: 1 pc
M5*10 Nuts: 5 pcs
M6*12 Nuts: 2 pcs
M33 Nuts: 2 pcs
ST 3.9 Nuts: 5 pcs
Gear Sensor
6v light cable

Weight of BBSHD motor: 5.8kg.

LCD display has the following features:


3.2 inch High-contrast IPS colorful dot screen.

Mileage :ODO Trip Time  Range.


3.2 inch High-contrast IPS colorful dot screen.
CAN-BUS Communication Protocol.
Customized Start-Up Logo , dynamic displaying.
Set up Password of Turning on.
KM/ Mile: Setting up adjustable according to customers’ habits.
Mileage : ODO, Trip, Time, Range.
Power indicator.
Error code.
USB charging port: 5V/500mA.
Software Update.
Friendly HMI.
36V/48V compatible.
This product is compatible with the communication protocol system of 8Fun mid-drive motor kit. It can also be customized to be compatible with communication protocol system of Lishui and Ananda.

Attempting to reprogram the controller may cause damage and invalidate any warranty to the controller

Shark Electric Bike 52v 15 Ah 

Samsung 30q cells Battery & 3A Charger. UK Stock

This is the very best of battery technology: 14S5P 52v17.5Ah (Samsung 30q cells 3000mAh) with 3Ah UK charger. 40Amp Nominal BMS designed to fit on down tube utilizing water bottle bolts.
 Other inferior cells used in cheaper packs simply cant deliver like these.
If you think the cost is high, these batteries have 70 cells that retail in the UK for around £7 each! not including a BMS, casing , charger, shipping taxes AND FABRICATION.

Please ALSO note, these are genuine new cells and made up into complete battery specially to order for me at the factory. I simply can’t buy a single battery, I have to agree to a production run of at least 30 batteries. Thanks to Ebay + Paypal fees, the markup is minimal!
Not all down tubes are the same and some slight modification maybe necessary to the mounting plate of the battery. You tube has an abundance of “How To” videos.

space required, please see photo= 370mm * 110mm * 90mm)

Please note these batteries have a safe continuous discharge rating of between 35A depending on weather (on a really hot day use the lower figure and in mid winter the higher figure) These batteries are  deisgned to take a constant 30A discharge.

First time charging is VERY important.
Always connect the charger to the battery with the charger and battery both turned on and powered up from the mains. This will stop a “Connection Spark”. Charge the battery in the “ON” Position (Red button located on the right side of battery).
The battery needs a “Balance Charge” on first charge. Please charge as above. The charger will display two red lights (charging) after a long period of time (between 1 and 8 hrs – depending on state) the LED charger lights will display red and green. This indicates an initial charge is complete. However, as this is a new battery, not all cells within the battery are balanced (same state of charge as some were higher/lower than others to start with). This is because cells can arrive at the factory in different batches and may have slightly different charges due to time in storage). This is very common and normal. Now please leave the charger connected to the batteries for a further 12 hrs. This allows the internal balancing system (BMS) to balance out all the internal cells. The charge may turn on and off over this period of time. This “Balance charge does not need to be done every time and is recommended every 20+ charges. Leaving the charger plugged in working does not damage the batteries. The charger is designed to stop charging at a preset level and turn on again when this level drops.

* 6 Month Warranty (Battery) 12 Months (BBSHD) is for manufacturing defaults and does not over miss use or accidental damage. These units are extremely strong and robust and will not let you down unless abused. We undertake warranties here in the UK. We take the pain!

Please note, Lithium batteries are considered hazardous and due care and attention should be taken. Although these cells are in wide use, and professionally manufactured in a purpose built factory; because of the power of the battery, we strongly recommend that precautions are taken. We do not recommend charging inside the family home and charging should be supervised. We take no responsibility for misuse. These batteries are thoroughly tested (full discharge and charge cycles at the manufacturing stage and also pre-delivery). These are not DIY or amateur built devices.

Attempting to reprogram the controller may cause damage and invalidate any warranty to the controller

Tips on riding:

The motor is not human and makes your bike a hybrid.

Motors like to spin fast, and thus use less power, not over heat and most of all use less electricity!

Using a 9 speed bike for example:

The whole range of gears can be used with your legs only – no surprise!

or with the lower PAS settings of 1-5

If you want maximum range use very low PAS 1-5 and any gear you want to  let your legs assist.

Do not use the small rear cogs (10T-14T) in high power modes. High PAS in small rear cogs will kill your range! (your legs are not assisting).

Generally speaking, your cadence is much lower than the BBSHD’s possible 160 rpm. If you ghost pedaling at 30 mph in the 11T rear cog you are doing nothing to help the motor, BUT the motor pas switch is telling the motor that you actually want to go to its maximum theoretical speed in that gear which could be around an impossible 50 mph when it cant, because of resistance (tyres, road surface , Air etc) – you can use a cadence calculator online to check the speed with your gearing. When the motor can not achieve its ideal speed in a high PAS setting, it dumps loads of “Phase Amps” amps that are wasted producing heat as they cant be turned into motion and make the motor turn faster, they have saturated the motor.

As a test, ride you bike flat out without the motor and see what your top speed is . This maximum speed will be the speed that you no longer assist the motor. So if you go faster, dont fool yourself, stop pedaling and use the throttle and see if the motor is laboring or not. If you want to sustain this speed. Use the gear that lets motor spin fast but maintain the speed (not labor).

This is a general ism, as some very fit riders can achieve higher speeds in higher pas without over heating as they have a much higher spin rate, are lighter and powerful enough to push big gears ( do these people really need  an ebike?)

Now using throttle only, find your top speed using the gears. You will notice the smallest or highest gear does not give the top speed, but it will use the most amount of electricity. Go down a couple of gears (bigger rear cog) and the speed will not significantly drop, but your power consumption will – gives you more range!

So for range use the small PAS and any gear you like as your legs are helping and the motor is not trying to achieve to unobtainable top speed.

For top speed use the throttle only and use the best gear, not necessarily the smallest rear cogs.

I use a 42T front. I PAS only in level 2, but throttle for top speed with a 16T or 15T rear cog ( i check my speed against power consumption).

If im really lazy, I leave it in 16T rear cog  (its flat where I live), use PAS 2 to get to 10 mph (helps the motor ) then use throttle only to 30+mph. This saves the motor, saves the drive train and im lazy. If I want to go miles, I use all my gears and PAS 2 only and the throttle up a hill in a big rear gear with it spinning freely.

At 30 mph throttle only I get 15 miles (I weigh 20 stone).

In PAS 2 I got fed up testing at 40 miles.

Attempting to reprogram the controller may cause damage and invalidate any warranty to the controller

**** Due to the nature of this device (Off-Road) and exposure to water, rain, mud and the possibility to sustained high powered use/abuse. Our warranty is limited to 6 months from time of purchase.