ASI Specific 750c Screen up to 90V For Electroncycles Looms (BAC 855 and Sur Ron from March 2021)


ASI Specific 750c Screen up to 90V

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ASI Specific 750c Screen up to 90V For Electroncycles Looms

(BAC 855 and Sur Ron from March 2021)

SOLD AS A SPARE FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS (does not work on CYC or Sur Ron pre March 2021)


This screen is to replace any ASI 750c screen supplied by us

Runs on protocol KM5s



If you did not buy your controller from us, it is unlikely to work as your loom may be different (we do not sell looms as of yet). If you bought your loom from anywhere else and it did not come with a 750c display, it will most likey not work as the looms maybe wired diffently. We wil not help you to make this work in anyway, not take returns if you cant make it work – sorry to be difficult but we do not have the time to re-program and sort other install types.

Customers who use Egg rider – will not work

Customers with NXT – (Our existing customers: BBSHD customers we will supply a loom and remap your device at a fee, Same for Sur Ron please enquire),

Will show fuel gauge for 8v 52v and 72v. For other voltages you will have to rely on voltage readout.

However this should work on other  KM5s protocol application where the screen has a female connector.

You can choose power sets/PAS  of a maximum amount of levels of 1-3-5-9. For example you chose 5 levels and you will have 1,2,3,4,5 divisions of that level. 1 being the lowest and the last numb (5) being full power. Each level is the total amount of power divided by the number of levels.

So for a BBSHD with 2700 W and you chose 9 levels . Each button click for 1 -9 is 2700w/9 = 300w giving power increase of 300w, 600w, 900w , 1200w, …….2700w.

On Sur Ron “Enduro 72V” for the 72V version we set it at 5 levels with maximum power at 13750wats, the power increments are 2750w, 5500w, 8250w, 11000 and finally 13750 Watts

To change the power levels:

1: Open this display, double click the M button to open this menu.

Press power on quick press button for advanced options. use code 1919 if required

Please note not all function work, only tyre size, MPH/KPH PAS levels (effects power) and date and time and voltage for fuel gauge. do not try to change power settings – will not work.


Please note these are not standard 750c screens and have been specially ordered  and upgraded to handle 7v systems ( 48-90v) as a result they cost us a premium.

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