Electron Cycles ASI Compatible Replacement Display

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Electron Cycles ASI Compatible Replacement Display

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Electron Cycles ASI Compatible Replacement Display

This is a direct replacement for our ASI 750 display only.

This is not for sale to new customers.

This is only compatible with ASI controllers that were previously supplied with this screen.

If you have an APT display,  your controller will need to be reprogrammed.  Unfortunately there is a fee for this as it takes time to do.

ASI Electron Cycles Programming Service (for BAC855 -BAC2000 – BAC4000 – BAC8000)

Your controller can be updated by remote session or sent back to us.  If you previously had one of these displays you will be required to send it back before we send out your replacement.  This is because these are in short supply and we are trying to protect our intellectual property.

Custom made for Electron Cycles and 72v compatible.

The display will say “Electron Cycles” at the bottom of the display when illuminated.

These display are now used on our newer Sur Ron Enduro kits.

For Bafang BBSHD set ups you will now have the ability to individually set up PAS.

If the display says` “CYC” then you need this display: https://www.electroncycles.co.uk/product/cyc-replacement-750-display/

UK stock for immediate shipping.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 cm