ASI Electron Cycles Programming Service (for BAC855 -BAC2000 – BAC4000 – BAC8000)

£69.99 (price including VAT)

ASI Electron Cycles Programming Service (for BAC855 -BAC2000 – BAC4000 – BAC8000)



This payment is for additional work above normal support.

When you buy our kit we give free initial support to make your bike work and free support to analyze any  issues.

We will not unlock any other vendors controler and wil record all serial numbers and pass on to ASI and check with stolen databases.

When  you request a new program – update, that is beyond the intial set up, then we require you to send your controler to us, we will update and send back. Due to plagerism and theft of interlectual property, we no longer offer remote update on our set ups.

The controler will be return  to you locked and we wil not remote onto it. You must tell us your throttle type befor sending to us. We wil not be able to be chage without you oncee again paying for this sservice and resending a second time.

The price inclused return recorded postage and tracked with a maximum insurance of £100 (ASI BAC855 wil be £500 as smalaer and less expnsive to post).

We take no responsiblity for lost post or damage in transit. We ship with Royal Mail, UPS and TNT and tracking will be supplied. Unless you want to pay for full insurance, (very expensive) this will be at your liabilty.


Buy this servcie, we send you shipping instructions.