Sur Ron Enduro ASI Upgrade Kit for ASI BAC2000, ASI BAC4000, ASI BAC8000 Controllers (Loom, Display & Programming)

£299.00 (price including VAT)

ASI BAC Enduro Upgrade Kit for ASI BAC2000, ASI BAC4000, ASI BAC8000 Controllers (Loom, Display & Programming)



ASI BAC Enduro Upgrade Kit for ASI BAC2000, ASI BAC4000, ASI BAC8000 Controllers (Loom, Display & Programming)

Turn your existing

ASI BAC2000, ASI BAC4000, ASI BAC8000

controller into our Enduro kit

PLEASE NOTE  THE DISPLAY HAS NOW CHANGED (see photo of indivdual display)

This will allow you to run a 60v and 72v battery.

Send your controller to us, we will reprogram it, supply loom and display and mounting brackets to upgrade and re-fresh phase wires and and waterproofing.

Previous versions of our kit are no longer comapatbel (loom) with our latet set up)

Everything will be bench tested before dispatch.

The controller will be locked on return to protect our intellectual property.  Should you later wish to have it unlocked, it will need to be sent back to us and we will remove our program at your expense. Remote support via Android device wil be avaialbe for one session only to fix any small bugs (some throttlee have different settings). This is not a free tuning sevice and additional work may need to be charged above and beyod normal setllng work. With our latest program,  it is now quite rare to need furthur support.

Support should not be required, but available if necessary (for auto-tune or throttle sensitivity).

We will set the controller default to a maximum of 13,500 watts.

The display has a choice of 5  power modes (all divisions of the maximum power).

Power levels:

Power Level #1 Super Eco – stnadrd battery max power (All batteries)

Power Level #1-2-3 60v Bypass battery and 72v (not 60v std)

Power levels #1- 2- 3 -4 -5  72v battery only

Power levels  #4-5, Only our 72v battery (third party 72 batteries are not supported by us and may be damaged by this set up)

Please note that running on full power for your type of battery, non stop with a wide open throttle is not a good idea and effectively red lining the motor like on a petrol bike. The power setting are designed for off road use where full power is used and the throttle backed off for a corner ect and then back onthe power. Do not hold the throttle fully open and non stop.

The program is designed for 72V system with a battery that monitors LVC.  This will allow you to run  a 60V battery.

If your 72v battery does not have a BMS monitored discharge (cuts the battery off when it is low) then let us know as we add this to your program, but unfortunately you will not be able to run a 60V system.

For more information look at our Enduro listing on our webpage

You send your controller to us, we do the work and send it back to you all within the price.  For external UK  mainland shipping, price is on application (we insure these goods in transit for £250 (at present due to new tax/vAT regulations, we can not ship to the EU)

Estimated time to complete the work is 3 working days from receipt of your controller plus return fast shipping.



Due to the economics of shipping we only take liability of your returned goods to the value of £250.  Should your goods be lost by the courier on return our liability ends at £250.  We insure your goods in transit with a courier for £250 (we only use reputable couriers, TNT, UPS, DPD).

This kit does not include controller, battery or mounts.  It is a reprogramming service with essential loom and matching display.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm