750c ASI BAC compatible display (full function including PAS) 36V -90V


750c ASI BAC compatible display (full function including PAS) 36V -90V

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750c ASI compatibles Display (full function including PAS) 36V -90V

(to be used with BBSHD Hot Rod Controller ASI BAC 800 36V -90V FOC 90A)

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TFT Color Display for the ASI BAC Controller

Exclusively available to Electroncycles. Customers since it requires a updated firmware and additional wiring.




-Trip Meter

-Watt Meter

– Adjustable Assist / Power Levels

Gives full 9 speed select PAS and works for the higher voltage systems (not limited to 60V)

3, 5 ,9 Power levels and PAS (3 is default or can be altered in Advanced settings code 1919)


DISPLAYS, a painful note.

Unfortunately not all displays are equal. Bafang released a myriad of display, and different firm wares. We are a small company and haven’t managed to test all of them; but what we have found is that all the original displays still  show everything (time, speed watts etc), but will not allow PAS. You can still ride your bike with the standard display on throttle only.

But, if you include the 750c display that we list, full PAS is restored.

How you budget your expectations and wallet is up to you. You can buy the kit without the display and see if perhaps your display gives PAS (we cant help here as there are too many combinations) and if not buy separately; or you can buy the kit with our display included and everything works.

With exception, we think the Standard 750C display will still give PAS on 52 V (up to 60 V) set ups – BUT NOT work over 60 V (ours are physically altered).

For USA customers please look at https://electroncycles.co.uk/product/750c-display-full-function-including-pas-36v-90v-usa-orders/