52V 19.2AH Panasonic Tesla 21700 Cell, Down Tube Battery & 5A Charger

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 52V 19.2AH Panasonic Tesla 21700 cell, Battery with 5A Charger



 52V 19.2AH Panasonic Tesla 21700 cell, Battery with 5A Charger

UK Stock. Delivered  within 3 working days 

Designed for motors up-to 2000W

Will work with mid drive motors like the BBSHD, 1500W Hub motors.

This has been specially designed  to use the latest Tesla 21700 cell. 

These are made mass produced and bought through a reputable dealer. The Panasonic Tesla cell is regarded as reliable cost efficient mid range medium power cell. In this format 14s4p reliable upto 45Amps but not more than 2000w (remember a motor will pull more amps from a battery near the low voltage cut off point).

These batteries discharge through XT60 connectors

Mounting your 

The batteries still mount as usual on the at the  water bottle bolts and can be easily detached.

Like any device, running it constantly at maximum could lead to failure. Dont ride open throttle non stop!!

Google “Tip for hard mounting shark pack to bicycle frame Ebike

Charging: First time charging is VERY important. Always connect the charger to the battery with the charger powered up from the mains. This will stop a “Connection Spark”. The battery needs a “Balance Charge” on first charge. Please charge as above. The charger will display two red lights (charging) after a long period of time (between 1 and 8 hrs – depending on state) the LED charger lights will display red and green. This indicates an initial charge is complete. However, as this is a new battery, not all cells within the battery are balanced (same state of charge as some were higher/lower than others to start with). This is because cells can arrive at the factory in different batches and may have slightly different charges due to time in storage). This is very common and normal. Now please leave the charger connected to the batteries for a further 12 hrs. This allows the internal balancing system (BMS) to balance out all the internal cells. The charge may turn on and off over this period of time. This “Balance charge does not need to be done every time and is recommended every 20+ charges. Leaving the charger plugged in working does not damage the batteries. The charger is designed to stop charging at a preset level and turn on again when this level drops.

* 6 Month Warranty is for manufacturing defaults and does not over miss use or accidental damage. These units are extremely strong and robust and will not let you down unless abused. We undertake warranties here in the UK. We take the pain!

Please note, Lithium batteries are considered hazardous and due care and attention should be taken. Although these cells are in wide use, and professionally manufactured in a purpose built factory; because of the power of the battery, we strongly recommend that precautions are taken. We do not recommend charging inside the family home and charging should be supervised. We take no responsibility for misuse. These batteries are thoroughly tested (full discharge and charge cycles at the manufacturing stage and also pre-delivery). These are not DIY or amateur built devices.

International orders: We can send batteries to the EU only buy ground freight and UPS. This is expensive and individual shipping quotes will be necessary. Please send us an email with your address for an estimate – thank you



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