21″ Front MC Wheel Twin Disc 20mm x 110mm Axel

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21″ Front MC Wheel 20mm x 110mm Axel, Twin Disc compatible

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21″ Front MC Wheel Twin Disc 20mm x 110mm Axel,

Twin Disc compatible

fits: Sur Ron, Boxxer, Hope, etc triple forks


Colour: Black

Sze: 21″

Spoke : Heavy duty 10AWG

Rim width: External 64mm

To fit with spacers (provided) 110 x 20mm fork width (DNM, Fox 40, Boxxer
Material: High Quality ABS Plastic

These wheels can take either single or twin discs with 6 holes.


Ideal for a twin font brake DNM fork set up, or improved single disc large front off-road set up, like Fox 40 on a Sur Ron (this is the wheel we will use on our race bike).

Twin discs allow much greater cooling – especially good for road use where more high speed braking is used. twin discs double the cooling effect allowing cheaper brakes to be used with twice the braking force. This allows much greater braking without the over heating issues from much more powerful single caliper brakes. Che-ape brakesĀ  also manes cheaper pad replacement.

For example our business owner at 20 stone uses this set up with std 203mm discs on DNM forks for road use, yet a single Magura MT7 set up on the race bike, where the more advance Fox 40 fork set up is required for the harsh off road use.


Twin front inexpensive brake set up available – please email or details



NB: Forks not included



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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 66 × 66 × 15 cm