Like New72v Talaria ‘Sting’ MX 12-14Kw NEW 72v 57Ah NEW KO Pro Controller

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2022 72v Talaria ‘Sting’ MX 12-14Kw NEW 72v 57Ah NEW KO Pro Controller

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Like New 72v Talaria ‘Sting’ MX 12-14Kw

NEW 72v 57Ah NEW KO Pro Controller

New Upgraded: Forks, Shock, Sporcket, Chain, Foot Peg Mounts and grips.


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Absoultely STUNNING Bike!!


The donor Bike has coverd less than 20 miles from new, But all the upgrades: controler, battery etc are all new (see the tyre nipples are still there). The bike has NEVER been rideen offraod. It is in immaculate condition with no scrapes or marks. It looks lik a new bike that has been driven for 20 miles carefully (which is excatly what it is) and tested for 1 miles with new controler and battery.

We bought the bike in early 2022  to help us design our Talaria battery (see if it would fit). The bike stood on a stand for around 6 months and then mothballed in our warehouse with ablanket etc. For this sale we replaced the horible standard Fast Ace forks it came with for  a set of brand new sur ron KKE that were taken off a new bike that we bought in, and had fitted Fox 40 to. These forks are much smoother and plush. We then fitted a braand new KO Pro controler and Ewaat 72v 55AH battery. This is the same company that make the EBMX battery. We also happen to be the UK repair centre for  all Ewatt aand Ewatt made EBMX batteris. The battery has a retail value of around £2800,. We bought the batteryas a sample, but due to its high cost for us to buy, have decided that we only sello ur own for general retail sales.

Peformance on the bike is incredible 70 mph achived very fast. Set the eco mode to a slow as 5Kw and expect distance of 50 miles easily. The KO app allows you to set and change the power levels, the throttle and acceleration curve. There is no display included as the mobiile phone app can be used for this. We have included a handlebar voltmeter so you can tell the capacity of your battery when under way (you can also do this in the app). We have reducd top speed a smidgeeon by isntallint the 48T sprocket, but on the flip side, aceleration is even more aggressive (the way we like it).

All in all this is a STUNNING bike.

A this was built as a test bike and a company assett, we are able to sell well below list price due to tax allowances and deperciation. Savings we are passing to you.


New Ewatt (EBMX) 72v 57Ah battery + Charger

New KO Pro Controler (red)

New KKE: Forks, Type KKEBF-355RC (Removed form new unboxed Sur Ron that had Fox 40 fitted)

Aftermarket Injection Moulded battery compartment lid

Extra Bright 40W yellow light with on/off

48T JXR Aluiminium Rear Sprocket (red)

Renthal R1 Non “O” Ring Race chain.

Pro Taper grips

Urban Pro Seat Riser kit

Red anodised foot peg brackets


Chassis Swing Arm                                            Material 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy
Chassis Construction Method                          Forged by 8000 tons pressure
Rear Shock Absorber                                         Fastace with Linkage
Tire Size                                                                Front 70/100-19 / Rear 80/100-19
Max Range                                                           76km @ 45 km/h
Max Load                                                              100 Kg
Speedometer                                                        Digital
Transmission                                                       Gearbox + Chain
Motor Rated Voltage                                          60V (DC)
Motor Rated Power                                             Peak Power 3000w / 6000w
Motor Rated Torque                                           Peak Torque 8.5 n.m / 31.8 n.m
Motor Shaft Output Torque                              @ 1000RPM 29.5 n.m
Motor Peak Efficiency                                        96.60%
Motor Type                                                           PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
Motor Mounting Position                                  Centre Frame
Motor Weight                                                       7 Kg
Motor External Diameter                                  180mm
Motor Axial Length                                             130mm
Motor Cooling Method                                       Air Cooled
Controller Type                                                    FOC
Controller Weight                                                1.6 Kg
Controller Dimension                                         240mm x 110mm x 50mm
Controller Peak Efficiency                                 98.50%
Controller Traveling Wave Current                 85A
Controller Highest Temperature                      100 °C
Powertrain Rated Rotation Speed                   4300 RPM
Powertrain Range of Rotation Speed              0-5300 RPM
Powertrain Peak Efficiency                                98%
Powertrain Range of Efficiency (≥80%)         1.4 nm – 22.5 n.m
Battery                                                                    60V 38.4A Lithium LG Cells
Battery Life Time                                                 800 Cycles before battery looses capacity
Charger                                                                  10A 60V
Charging Time                                                      4 Hours
Chassis Weight                                                     9.5 kg
Chassis Surface                                                    Anodizing Paint Treated
Headlight                                                               LED
Fork                                                                        DNM
Wheel Type                                                           Spoke Wheels 19×1.6
Tire                                                                         CST
Brakes                                                                    4-Piston Calliper Hydraulic Brakes
Brake                                                                      Disc   203mm
Net Weight                                                            58 Kg
Vehicle Dimension                                              1870mm x 780mm x 1040mm
Min. Ground Clearance                                      270mm
Wheel Base                                                            260mm


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* UK Warranty 

Warranty Terms: Main components: Battery/Chassis/Swing Arm 6 months. Battery 12 months
30 Days if used for Raceing

Warranties are not transferable.

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